Samantha Maya

Ships Engineer


Ships Engineer

Has green hair (artificially coloured), sometimes worn up, bright blue eyes, usually seen with a grin on her face, and almost always smudges of grease.

Always wears gloves when out of the ship. She’s paranoid about fingerprints and DNA.

Doesn’t drink coffee, only tea.

Sometimes misses breakfast, is hard to get up for the morning shifts.

Loves music, always playing music and sings out loudly while working.


Orphaned at an early age, and doesn’t remember her parents, she doesn’t know her real name. The orphanage called her Jane September, as she was found in September.

She was a very skinny child, with very short dishwater blonde hair, and became longsighted as a young teen, she wore contact lenses. She spent a lot of time outside and so developed a decent tan. She pretty much ignored clothes.

She was in and out of Foster homes for several years, getting in small amounts of trouble, but not getting caught for everything she did, she became a petty thief. She thought she was talented, but turned out to have TK, but didn’t realise it.

After getting caught, at age 15, and her talent discovered, she was forcefully recruited by Alliance Military Intelligence, she was trained to be a spy/agent, including in how to use her TK. She found she had some talent for the deceptions involved.

She could never learn to use her TK in combat, so assassin wasn’t her skill, just spy. The Alliance brought in many psychiatrists to try and fix her, but failed. She can’t stand psychiatrists now.

At one point during the war, she was placed under cover in an engineering unit, where she picked up some mechanical training. Sam met Doctor Matt Carter at this time, who treated her for a minor head injury, she pretended to have amnesia, to get a few days off. It rapidly cleared up after mention of psychiatrists. She might have stolen something belonging to the Doc.

Not long afterwards, her unit was wiped out by a misplaced aerial assault, while she was out scouting the terrain, she dropped her dog tags back at the site, and took the opportunity to escape Alliance control, as they would clearly believe her to be dead. (This is a possible hole in her story, should the Doctor know of the misplaced assault).

She had been maintaining her original appearance so she could change it and be harder to find after escaping, this included Bright Blue contacts, Large glasses, a small amount of surgery (Rounder eyes, a slightly smaller nose, removal of a beauty mark). She started using sun-screen, and became paler, she ate more put on 20 pounds (so is now a little over-weight), of course she also started wearing gloves everywhere, and becoming a bit of a clothes horse.

After escaping the war, spent time travelling, working as anything she could get, including a labourer, assistant in a garage, backup singer in small group, 1 day as a Mime, time with a small theatre troop, courier, Street Performer/Magician, got one real paying gig as a Magician too. She avoided crime because she didn’t want to fall back on an old M.O.
Discovered that with a bit of work she could make a decent Ships Engineer, so she got some training, and got a license under the name Sam Maya.

Missions during the Unification War:

Just a list of some of the missions that Sam was in during the Unification War.
● snuck into a Browncoat base, to steal some plans (by impersonating an officer),
● carried out a couple of sabotage/demolition runs against Browncoat Infrastructure (Heavy Machinery Manufacturing, and a Food Processing Plant),
● planting evidence of treasonous activity,
● Assisted in several investigations/interogations,
● Sent on an assassination, failed, she couldn’t kill in cold blood, she intentionally missed the shot, it was a setup by her bosses, an attempt to put her in a situation where she had to kill to survive, they had attempted through pschological manipulation to make her into a killer, this was a last ditch effort to break through her resistance,
● over a couple of weeks, seduced then blackmailed, a married Browncoat Colonel, to obtain ongoing information about troop movements, planned offensives, etc,. She still has the photos in her private safe.
● Sent in to rescue a captured alliance Major named Jonas Bradshaw (since promoted to Colonel), the escape didn’t go as well as planned, Sam got him out of the holding facility quickly, before he could be broken but, he was shot during the escape, not badly but it hindered their movements enough to miss their transport, during a sudden blizzard they had to hide out for a few days, in a barn, eventually sneaking away on civilian transport while disguised. They fell for each other during that time. He currently thinks Sam is dead. He would have no trouble recognising Sam given a good look. She was using the name Charlene Baltimore. Sam keeps an eye on his movements through various message boards/newspapers/military service newsletters. Sam used to call him Bunny, his ears twitch while he sleeps. He called her Matchstick (she was as skinny as).
● Went undercover in an engineering unit, to get close to Major Anderson, and verify his loyalty, he turned out to be extremely loyal, but I never got to report it, as I ran when the unit was bombed. It could be the reason he got tossed out, the evidence was never delivered. He would have no trouble recognising Sam,given a could look for a few seconds.

Samantha Maya

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