Sam's Diary (Session 10)

… and so the plan was set, the heroic, though outnumbered forces of the tramp freighter, arrayed against the over- whelming military might of the browncoats, spent, what might be their final hours in the ‘verse, wrapped in their own concerns.
Maybe Captain Maxwell wondered about the possibility of a life without anger. Maybe the Preacher regretted the lives lost in his minor crusades.
I’m sure Doctor Matthew wondered at the possibility of a peaceful solution. Maybe Lady Heliotrope was counting her latest ill-gotten gains.
I couldn’t help it though, I looked forward to the chance to use some of my old skills again, however distastefully they were acquired.
The battle was met, the enemy ship disabled, their forces routed, the noble hippie-kin saved, and the evil ranchers plan revealed for all to see. A reward was earned.
“I told you already Jayne, these are my bottles, go get your own.”

Sam's Diary (Session 9)

Wow, it seems our itinerant preacher actually has a friend, he doesn’t just collect enemies.
He heard from a Shepherd Brook, or was it Creek, maybe Stream. He ministers to people out at Four Winds, and seems to want some mercenaries.

Some of his flock have been victimised by raiders of some form, and he’s hoping for help, given the law isn’t very active around Four Winds.

These people are actually the nomadic descendants of hippies, believe it or not.
He isn’t able to offer much, so our best hope is to get to claim their ship. Let’s hope we get to keep it.

Our best bet seems to be an essentially stealth based mission. It’s just like the old days, almost enough to make one nostalgic
I wonder who hired these thugs? Whoever hired them can pay reparations to the hippy-kin.

Sam's Diary (Session 8)

OK, we got control of the bandit complex, Heliotrope is going stay and help with the door to the Comm Room, while the others go back up and search the complex, see if we missed anything that matters, and have a chat to the surviving bacndits.
Doors open, I can strip down the comm jammer, and after that Captain Maxwell wants the security system they had up.
Oh Darn it. It seems the bandit boss is a Major Anderson, the description fits, and the little troop figurines, and the copy of ‘The Art of War’, pretty much prove it. They’re led by the former Captain Anderson. They find an encrypted journal written by Anderson.
(Cue wavey image, spooky music, and sepia tone footage, as flashback starts)
Anderson was in the Alliance Engineering Corp I was undercover in during the War. He took me to the hospital during my R&R when I had a mysterious case of Amnesia. Doctor Martin met him too.
I was sent in to get close to him to investigate suspicions of his disloyalty to the cause. I would have cleared him, except for the fact that I disappeared when the Corp was wiped out by shelling. He was actually fanatically loyal, and liked quoting the ‘Art of War’, even in quiet intimate moments. I thought he was dead. There’s no way he wouldn’t recognise me if he saw me up close.
(End flashback)
I hope we don’t run into him.
Martin and Jayne head into town and deliver the medicine, the nuns, and the news about the bandits. We all head off.
My decryption skills are rougher than I thought, it takes a few days to figure out his code, it seems that they’ve been running a kidnapping ring here.

Sam's Diary (Session 7)

Arrived at Alice. Woohoo. We’ve become Nun Runners. Drug runners too.

I took the shuttle, the Doctor, the Nuns, and the medicine down to the surface, some distance from town, just to be paranoid regarding the disease. Doc takes the Mule.

I wait at the Shuttle. Bored now.

5 minutes later, Matthew gets on the walky talky, squaks for help, then the signal gets cut off by powerful jamming equipment. I haven’t seen it that thick since the War.
Lord I hope he’s OK, I knew I should have gone with them.

Nip the shuttle along the road they were taking, I see the mule, but no-one else, there’s no where to land, and I can’t get in touch with the Ship, I take her back into orbit. The jamming continues till I’m 60 klicks out.

When we all get back down, it’s an hours walk to the Mule. Jayne lets loose some wild shots, we all had to duck for cover.

We follow tracks into the Bush. I hate the Bush. Too much nature. Towns are so much nicer.
Hours later, I’m so tired and dirty it’s not funny, night falls as we reach their camp, there’s a decent electronic security system in place. Good news for us. E-Sec is easier to circumvent than trained guards. We sneak in, the Holy Roller goes into a lower tunnel when we’re not looking. We go high.

We find a bunch of guards, sneak past their room, then I think the preacher triggers an alarm, they start coming out. Mad Max goes after them with a grenade, they don’t do too well. They should have left us alone.

Cool, back in the lower tunnel, we find there power supplu, they’re actualy using a Ship Power plant, thats a lot of Juice. We then find an ambush point, Cap goes through get ambushed, and we immediately counter-ambush them. The Nuns and the Doc are locked up back here.

One was hiding in the loo.
We account for everyone in the base bar one, and find that 3 or 4 of them and their leader are away at the moment.

There is a good, one way, security door here, probably only meant to be able to be opened from the other side, good idea, 2-way doors are their own design flaw.
I know how to open it. We have to be quick, I think the com-system is in there with him, so the boss, apparantly ex- military, and some troops are going to be on their way back.
If he’s got a vehicle we could be in trouble, they’re certainly equipped well enough to have one. I hate the Bush.

Sam's Diary (Session 6)

We’ve moved on from Bendigo, which is probably a good thing. I think I need to open up to the others, I can’t expect them to trust me, until I’ve shown them some trust.

Well, that went better than I expected, I was most unsure how the Captain would take it all. At least I got to run my ‘coffee jacket’ trick past them. I’m not even sure they believed me.
It’ll be nice not to have to constantly watch everything I say or do.

There must be somewhere out here that would be a good place to eventually settle down, a whole moon/planet will be a mite expensive though, got to try and find some good ways to make some extra cash.

Sam's Diary (Session 5)

The preacher had his second meeting, it went as expected, raised a mob, then he vaguely pointed them at whoever they were mad at., at least they won’t be mining any more and will leave town. Later we heard 3 looters were killed.

The Doc got to go to that bigshot meeting, it went OK til the riot hit the news, it sounds like things are going to be resolved, people will co-operate with him.

The Sherrif wanted the holy man for questioning, we let him talk from the ship in orbit. Damn, that was a mess, I knew what would happen, I should have stopped him.
We’re moving on now.

Sam's Diary (Session 4)

Damn, our preacher man decided to ‘do the right thing’, and let those miners know the truth about the gold rush, I dont know if he meant to form a mob or not, but he sure did form one right smart, and didn’t even aim them. He could be a dangerous man if he wanted to be.

He’s had some posters put up, and is going to do another talk tonight, hoping to get the word out to more miners, it will likely be quite the audience. I’ve helped him setup his stage, and made him some flash-bombs.

It’s too long since I had an audience, I’ve got to take the chance while I can.

Matthews been talking more to the TTB, so he knows about the vet who was compromised, and her ‘samples’ being sent off world, but he didn’t show many signs of hope that his money problems can be resolved soon, in spite of his horses not being really sick. Doc’s gonna talk to TTB and some of his friends at their ranch later tonight. I’ll have to see if I can get an invite to that too.

The Doc’s also been chatting through the cortex to some fellow medics.

Sam's Diary (Session 3)

I got Matthew to check the drugs I snagged during the barroom brawl, it was the nasty one the local bio-extract is a component of.

The gold-rush was fake, and based upon planted gold nuggets.

Sam's Diary (Session 2)

Today we arrived on Bendigo, delivering Gold prospectors. Heliotrope got caught with a few of their items, I thought there was something suspicious about her, now she’s been caught out, how clumsy.

It’s a grotty, dirty little place, but at least we got paid.

Seems there’s some odd things going on though, ran into the daughter of the town bigshot, her car had been sabotaged, the Xwidget had been exploded off, and then some papers from her car had been stolen, she was in shock too.

Her Father mentioned that there was no gold when this place was originally surveyed.

And what’s up with the sick horses, and some medical reports saying they carry a component of a fairly nasty addictive drug, and that it might be a local disease?

Sam's Diary (Session 1)

Meeting the Crew:

  • The preacher is a strange one, looking for ‘The Chosen One’ whatever that means, he’s probably harmless, could likely have a little bit of fun with him over that though,
  • Doctor Carter, I wonder if he remembers me from the battlefield, I hope he doesn’t know what happened to my engineering corp, what’s he doing out here,
  • The Captain, Sioux, and Helioptrope I just don’t get yet.

Day 0: Just about completed the essentials systems check of the ship today, I can ease off a bit now, maybe learn something about my shipmates once we land on EBM (what did the name become) and dump these smelly shoats.
Day 1: EBM wasn’t much fun, while everyone else was cleaning out the hold, I find we’ve lost our fuel, stupid Fuel line and Gauge just HAD to go simultaneously didn’t they.
Town’s wasn’t much to look at, but least the Chancellery had the parts I needed for the ship.
And that poor little girl, wandered off, fell down the canyon, she’ll be alright, but it was awful to look down and not be able to do something straight away, I’ve got to revise my standard pack. Jayne did a fine job on the end of the winch rescuing her though.
At least we got some fuel, the little girls grandfather is rich one, has his own space yacht, and his own fuel depot. We can get enough to reach the space station, then fill up and head on out to Adelaide, it seems we got a couple of bits of cargo, some cactus juice, and something in a refrigerated crate, I’ll have to check that one out.


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