Sam's Diary (Session 9)

Wow, it seems our itinerant preacher actually has a friend, he doesn’t just collect enemies.
He heard from a Shepherd Brook, or was it Creek, maybe Stream. He ministers to people out at Four Winds, and seems to want some mercenaries.

Some of his flock have been victimised by raiders of some form, and he’s hoping for help, given the law isn’t very active around Four Winds.

These people are actually the nomadic descendants of hippies, believe it or not.
He isn’t able to offer much, so our best hope is to get to claim their ship. Let’s hope we get to keep it.

Our best bet seems to be an essentially stealth based mission. It’s just like the old days, almost enough to make one nostalgic
I wonder who hired these thugs? Whoever hired them can pay reparations to the hippy-kin.



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