Sam's Diary (Session 8)

OK, we got control of the bandit complex, Heliotrope is going stay and help with the door to the Comm Room, while the others go back up and search the complex, see if we missed anything that matters, and have a chat to the surviving bacndits.
Doors open, I can strip down the comm jammer, and after that Captain Maxwell wants the security system they had up.
Oh Darn it. It seems the bandit boss is a Major Anderson, the description fits, and the little troop figurines, and the copy of ‘The Art of War’, pretty much prove it. They’re led by the former Captain Anderson. They find an encrypted journal written by Anderson.
(Cue wavey image, spooky music, and sepia tone footage, as flashback starts)
Anderson was in the Alliance Engineering Corp I was undercover in during the War. He took me to the hospital during my R&R when I had a mysterious case of Amnesia. Doctor Martin met him too.
I was sent in to get close to him to investigate suspicions of his disloyalty to the cause. I would have cleared him, except for the fact that I disappeared when the Corp was wiped out by shelling. He was actually fanatically loyal, and liked quoting the ‘Art of War’, even in quiet intimate moments. I thought he was dead. There’s no way he wouldn’t recognise me if he saw me up close.
(End flashback)
I hope we don’t run into him.
Martin and Jayne head into town and deliver the medicine, the nuns, and the news about the bandits. We all head off.
My decryption skills are rougher than I thought, it takes a few days to figure out his code, it seems that they’ve been running a kidnapping ring here.



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