Sam's Diary (Session 7)

Arrived at Alice. Woohoo. We’ve become Nun Runners. Drug runners too.

I took the shuttle, the Doctor, the Nuns, and the medicine down to the surface, some distance from town, just to be paranoid regarding the disease. Doc takes the Mule.

I wait at the Shuttle. Bored now.

5 minutes later, Matthew gets on the walky talky, squaks for help, then the signal gets cut off by powerful jamming equipment. I haven’t seen it that thick since the War.
Lord I hope he’s OK, I knew I should have gone with them.

Nip the shuttle along the road they were taking, I see the mule, but no-one else, there’s no where to land, and I can’t get in touch with the Ship, I take her back into orbit. The jamming continues till I’m 60 klicks out.

When we all get back down, it’s an hours walk to the Mule. Jayne lets loose some wild shots, we all had to duck for cover.

We follow tracks into the Bush. I hate the Bush. Too much nature. Towns are so much nicer.
Hours later, I’m so tired and dirty it’s not funny, night falls as we reach their camp, there’s a decent electronic security system in place. Good news for us. E-Sec is easier to circumvent than trained guards. We sneak in, the Holy Roller goes into a lower tunnel when we’re not looking. We go high.

We find a bunch of guards, sneak past their room, then I think the preacher triggers an alarm, they start coming out. Mad Max goes after them with a grenade, they don’t do too well. They should have left us alone.

Cool, back in the lower tunnel, we find there power supplu, they’re actualy using a Ship Power plant, thats a lot of Juice. We then find an ambush point, Cap goes through get ambushed, and we immediately counter-ambush them. The Nuns and the Doc are locked up back here.

One was hiding in the loo.
We account for everyone in the base bar one, and find that 3 or 4 of them and their leader are away at the moment.

There is a good, one way, security door here, probably only meant to be able to be opened from the other side, good idea, 2-way doors are their own design flaw.
I know how to open it. We have to be quick, I think the com-system is in there with him, so the boss, apparantly ex- military, and some troops are going to be on their way back.
If he’s got a vehicle we could be in trouble, they’re certainly equipped well enough to have one. I hate the Bush.



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