Sam's Diary (Session 12)


Gunfire is nasty stuff, so unpredictable, you need so little skill to pick-up a gun. Captain Maxo got winged, it could easily have been worse. He shot first though, so I guess it saved his life.

The fake Max is pretty messed up, lost his memory in an accident, got his face messed up, the doctor who reconstructed him, assumed he was the real Max because he was carrying some ID papers of his.

After getting him back to the shuttle, Heliotrope contacted a family lawyer, who put us in touch with a local lawyer, so we could arrange with the local authorities to come in, and hand in the fake Max to clear our names.

The last thing I expected after getting to the authorities, was to see my Colonel jonas Bradshaw in the welcoming party.

New evidence had turned up, so we had to give up some DNA for testing, to get our names cleared, we had them destroy the samples, and the records afterwards. Doctor Matthew was VERY gung-ho about the disposal, Preacher Man seemed happy about it too?
We’re clear though, we’ve got an reward coming, and tonight, I’ve got dinner with Bunny. I hope he’s not too upset, I was missing, presumed dead, for years.



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