Sam's Diary (Session 10)

… and so the plan was set, the heroic, though outnumbered forces of the tramp freighter, arrayed against the over- whelming military might of the browncoats, spent, what might be their final hours in the ‘verse, wrapped in their own concerns.
Maybe Captain Maxwell wondered about the possibility of a life without anger. Maybe the Preacher regretted the lives lost in his minor crusades.
I’m sure Doctor Matthew wondered at the possibility of a peaceful solution. Maybe Lady Heliotrope was counting her latest ill-gotten gains.
I couldn’t help it though, I looked forward to the chance to use some of my old skills again, however distastefully they were acquired.
The battle was met, the enemy ship disabled, their forces routed, the noble hippie-kin saved, and the evil ranchers plan revealed for all to see. A reward was earned.
“I told you already Jayne, these are my bottles, go get your own.”



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